1. If you feel you are smart and the rest are stupid you may be right 2. If you feel you are hard working and the rest are lazy  you may be right 3. If you feel you have the right to hoard what you have worked so hard to gain, you may be right […]

And when I was drowsing along With nothing to say or do And no one near me to speak Or no talk to hear I saw the sun set Through the dusty train window And my heart felt so happy As it yearned to tell my love How priceless each moment had been And how […]

Who is a wise, is a fool who knows he is fool Whos is fool, is a fool who knows only his wisdom As the more you know the more you will also know what you dont And wisdom is the walk towards reducing your foolishness As long as we are mortal, there will be […]

Again and again,for some of us like me, made from a mould that is half stupidity and some wisdom, throw in a  a bit of laziness, ego , self righteousness ; we the lazy selfish philosopher is tormented by the meaning of life; while the ant lives it, the bee lives it. Why do I see […]

It is with quivering hand that I write this; the fear that narrow minds and shallow hearts interpret my words in ways to only their thoughts would raise; would maybe paint in their eyes, a heretic of modern times. So let me lean on to Trump, to carry me through. First there was religion; to […]

Is there a hope that the stupid will become better; I guess there is, to some degree. The living lives in a lot of different dimensions and worlds. Artistic, reasoning, analytic, humility, purity etc. In some of these worlds many are stupids; making mistake after mistake without realizing. The first effect of mastering any skill […]

It was past 5:45 in the morning; I woke up just before the alarm rand. It feel’s so tempting to be in the warm bed, in the same pose that you settled in the night; to extend that comfort for a few more minutes; rather than out of the bed an hour earlier than usual. […]